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Our Memphis branch has moved to a newer and larger warehouse to meet our demands! Check out our new address.
We would like to thank all of our customers that do business with us. We enjoy seeing each one of you and appreciate you so much! ___________________________________

Riverside Box Supply Co, LLC. has been in business since 1968. We are pleased to service all your packaging needs. We are open to the public but specialize in providing small businesses a great product at a reasonable price.   

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     Our Locations and Hours of Operation
 1379 Farmville Ave             2600 John Wesley Dr. 
 Memphis, TN 38122           Little Rock, AR 72206  
   901-324-8000                     501-490-1569
   Monday-Friday                     Monday-Friday 
8:00a.m-4:00p.m(CT)          8:00a.m-4:30p.m(CT)

We buy used, misprint and overrun boxes!
Call us today for a quote at
901-324-8000 (Memphis, TN) or
501-490-1569 (Little Rock, AR)

We are now selling wooden crates!
The inside dimensions are approximately
31x31x23 (LxWxH)
Call us today for pricing at

901-324-8000 (Memphis, TN) or

501-490-1569 (Little Rock, AR)

We accept these Credit Cards.